On behalf of the CPLTC committee, I would like to say a big thank you again to every one of you who opted-in to Wimbledon 2020 and for those who had entered the ballot.

Your opt-in gave the club 13 pairs of tickets for this year.

As I’m sure you all know Wimbledon has unfortunately been cancelled but hopefully you will do the same next year or maybe even more of you so that we receive the same number or more tickets for Wimbledon 2021.

I hope it won’t be too long before the courts and club can open again.

All the best,

Andy Maiklem 

Ballot Administrator (CPLTC)

Chipstead Place LTC has once again been allocated 26 tickets (13 pairs) for this year’s Wimbledon Championships. The Club has been allocated these tickets based upon the number of Club members who opted in to the Wimbledon Ballot. A huge thank you to the 81 club members who opted-in to the ballot to secure tickets for the club which is very much appreciated.

Only club members, including Junior members (9 and over) who opted in AND are current British Tennis members at the time of running of the ballot are eligible for inclusion in the Club Ballot. You must also have paid your subscription for 2020/21 by midnight on Sunday 12th APRIL 2020. Absolutely NO late entrants or payments will be accepted. Any winner of a pair of tickets in the Club Ballot must use the tickets for themselves with a guest and/or other club member. The guest does not have to be a British Tennis Member. Any winner of a pair of tickets in the Club Ballot who is under the age of 16 must have permission from a parent/guardian in order to purchase the tickets and be accompanied by an adult when he/she attends The Championships. The tickets are strictly non-transferable and must not be sold or advertised for sale or transferred to other persons who are not members of the Club. Failure to observe these conditions will result in the complete ban of tickets being supplied to our Club for several years.

If you are interested in entering the Club Ballot for a pair of these tickets follow the link on the Club website Alternatively please add your name, and phone number to the list in the Club house. No more than one pair of tickets will be allocated per household.

The successful ballots winners will receive email notification direct from the LTA. They will have 14 days to buy the tickets or decline them. Winners can go online to pay via the link on the email from the LTA. Once payment has been received tickets will be posted to the winners directly from the LTA.

After 14 days or if the tickets have been declined the tickets will be reallocated to another eligible club member.It would be appreciated that if you cannot use the tickets on the date supplied that you decline them through the LTA link as soon as possible so that another CPLTC member can enjoy them.

Available Dates (pairs of tickets):


Centre Court

No. 1 Court

No. 2 Court


ref letter

Cost per pair (£)

ref letter

Cost per pair (£)

ref letter

Cost per pair (£)

Monday June 29




Tuesday June 30 

 B 140 C 130    
Wednesday July 1     D 160    
Thursday July 2          E 106
Saturday July 4 F 230         
Monday July 6     G 250    
Tuesday July 7 H 280     I 90
Wednesday July 8 J 340        
Thursday July 9     K 140    
Friday July 10     L 90    
Sunday July 12     M 70    

Very important ……whichever method you choose to enter the ballot, it is important that you indicate which tickets you would like using the reference letters shown and list your preferences in order of priority i.e. A1, E2,M3 etc. If you do not have a specific preference, please state ‘ANY’.

The list will close at midnight on Sunday 12th April 2020

Many thanks for continued support to Chipstead Place LTC and the very best of luck in the draw.

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