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Chipstead Place Lawn Tennis Club (CPLTC)

Committee Meeting Minutes

7 November 2018


In Attendance: David Pettitt, Ian Hooper, Graham Moore, Julie Brown, Magdalen Fry,

 Pat Udall, Adam Reavely, Peter Wade, Nick Christian, Elliot Fox

  • Apologies for Absence


       Sarah Horton, Shirley Christian

        2.  Minutes of September Meeting


  • Minutes approved.
  • Matters Arising from September Meeting


  • Water heater- David said this issue was still ongoing. Peter said he would progress this with a plumber.
  • Umpire Chairs – Magdalen confirmed she had recovered her expenditure on this . After some debate it was agreed that an approach should be made to Kemsing Tennis Club to see if they would be prepared loan their chairs to the club for an agreed fee . If yes then this would save club purchasing chairs which are only used for the club finals matches.
  • Winter Working Party – Pat confirmed that due to a club match being rescheduled for 2 December the date for the working party needed to be put back to Sunday 16 December. It was agreed that the session would start around 9 am & Shirley would be asked to send an email to members requesting they attend to help.
  • Insurance Cover – Julie confirmed that the policy covered injuries & was renewed in October. It was agreed that in September 2019 the policy needed to be reviewed to ensure it is fit for purpose (Graham to include in September meeting agenda)
  • Simplifying Membership admin process – Ian informed the meeting that he had been in discussion with Peter Bibb and some on line elements had been added. Further talks were required to deal with subscription payments.
  • Bikes on the tennis Courts - David proposed placing notices at entrance to the club path stating this is a private members club plus notices at entrance to the courts saying NO BIKES allowed on the Courts. Agreed to implement once wording on existing noticeboard checked.

4. Club Dinner on Friday 23 November


  • Magdalen informed the meeting that the current number of confirmed attendees for the meal was 11. Menu options had been circulated.

5. Membership Update

     - Ian reported that membership was up to 234 of which 100 were either juniors or infants. David on behalf of the committee thanked Ian for his efforts  which have resulted in an excellent outcome.


6.  Finance Update

  • Julie reported that club finances remained sound with £22,115 in the bank. Membership subscriptions had raised £16,010 this year up from last years figure of £15,300. A further repayment of £3,600 on the LTA loan was due before the year end and taking that into account she expected the total surplus at year end to be around £18,000 .        
  • Given that the final repayment on the LTA loan would be next year the club would have sufficient funds to undertake a number of the maintenance/ upgrade projects currently under discussion. Furthermore year on year surplus would increase without the loan repayments , assuming membership numbers remain stable, thereby generating the finance required when the courts need to be resurfaced.


 7. Coaching


Adam informed the meeting that the demand for coaching sessions remained strong. He had taken a large group of junior players to the tournament in Beckenham and they had played well..

8.  Maintenance


  • Peter updated the committee on action taken or proposed on key projects at the club namely :-
  • 1 - LED lights for the courts. He expected the lights to be supplied & fitted by a personal contact before Xmas with minimal cost to the club.
  • 2– Repair to the path. Peter referred to the quotation he had circulated from the Tarmac Contractor namely £3,500 to patch repair the path or £4,500 to overlay the entire path with a new surface. It was agreed , after discussion & confirmation that adequate funding was available, to opt for the complete overlay. Peter will liaise with the company to ascertain start date and an email can then will issued informing members of the dates etc
  • 3– Power washing the courts – it was agreed that all 4 courts now needed to have moss cleared from them using power washing. Peter will contact Adam Moon (Four Seasons) to obtain dates for the washing & how many courts will be out of action per day to enable members to be informed.

       PLEASE NOTE  - Power washing will be undertaken W/C 26 November 1court per day.

  • 4 – Benches - Peter confirmed that he had repaired 3 of the existing club benches. In addition the four 2nd hand benches donated free by Sevenoaks Tennis Club are due to be collected shortly.
  • 5 – Gutters – these had been cleared.


9.  Gardening


  • Arrangements for the Winter Working party are covered at item 3 above.


 10.  Publicity


  - No issues to report

  11.  Website

- No issues to report.


12.  Social Events

- Xmas Social Drink .  It was agreed that this would be held at the Bricklayers Arms on Friday 7 December from 8pm. Elliot said he would try and book a table for that evening with an email sent to members informing them of the event and encouraging them to attend. (Shirley can you send the email round please).

- Quiz Night  Friday 18 January  - Confirmed this will be held in the club house , Magdalen will coordinate the event with David the quiz master. An email informing members could be combined with the email planned re the Winter Working Party.


13.  Health and Safety


  David checked if there were any current issues that needed to be resolved. Confirmed no issues identified.


14.  Any Other Business


- Wimbledon 2019 – Nick informed the meeting that 49 club members had todate opted in with LTA. By February 2018 90 had opted in & a reminder would be sent to members as the total number of opt ins determines how many Wimbledon tickets are offered to the club,

- Venue Registration– Nick confirmed that this annual requirement had now been finalised.

- Court Floodlights.  It was confirmed that the lights can be used every night except Sunday until 9pm.

- Diary Dates for 2019  – Graham explained the changes proposed for 2019 compared with 2018 taking into account key dates for Easter & Wimbledon and it was agreed the dates for next year will be finalised at next meeting.


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 9 January 2019 at 7.30pm

- Agenda to include preparation for AGM in March

2020 Finals Winners



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