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Chipstead Place Lawn Tennis Club (CPLTC)

Committee Meeting Minutes

5 September  2018


In Attendance: David Pettitt, Ian Hooper, Graham Moore, Magdalen Fry,

 Adam Reavely, Peter Wade

  • Apologies for Absence


       Sarah Horton, Nick Christian, Shirley Christian, Pat Udall, Julie Brown, Elliot Fox

        2.  Minutes of June Meeting


  • Minutes approved.
  • Matters Arising from June Meeting


  • GDPR - David confirmed he was progressing this issue.

4. Club Dinner on Friday 23 November


  • It was agreed that the dinner should again be held at the Bricklayers Arms. Magdalen confirmed that she would make the necessary booking arrangements and once made Sarah/Shirley could send an email to members informing them of the meal and how to reserve a place for the event.

5. Membership Update

     - Ian informed the meeting that 228 individuals had now paid their subscriptions (10 more than in 2017).  He remained hopeful that a few additional members may join at the ½ year stage when the subscription is reduced.


6.  Finance Update

  • Julie reported via email that club finances remained robust with £23,614 in the bank. Membership subscriptions for 2018 were todate £15,920 (£15,320 in 2017). The remaining repayment on the LTA loan was £7,300.


 7. Coaching


Adam informed the meeting that the demand for coaching sessions remained buoyant. He was concerned that once it became dark by 8pm it would be difficult to maintain the Thursday night club mixed tennis session given the rusty adults coaching session he runs on that evening. It was agreed that Peter would contact Julie to ascertain from those attending the mixed session whether they would be able to attend on another evening instead of Thursday.

8.  Maintenance


  • Peter updated the committee on action taken or proposed on key projects at the club namely :-
  • 1 - Retractable LED lights for the courts. He confirmed that if sited at the side of the courts 4 50 watt lights would provide the necessary lighting to enable tennis to be played. It was agreed that this should be trialled using a long extension lead and if considered successful a more permanent electrical fitting could be installed.
  • 2 – David was progressing the replacement of the water heater & the low water pressure issues.
  • 3 – Although a quote had been obtained to replace the rusted fence corner post it was agreed that any action could be postponed and reviewed next year.
  • 4 – Repair to the path. Peter would be getting a quote to undertake a patch up repair rather than a total resurfacing to keep expenditure to a minimum.
  • 5 – Power washing the courts to remove moss build up would be arranged when the need arose over the next month or so. There was currently little evidence of moss on the courts probably due to the recent spell of hot & dry weather.
  • 6 - Peter will carry out any urgent repairs to the benches which are being given to the club
  • 7 – Umpire Chairs – Magdalen said she would keep committee members informed of progress in recovering the payment she made for the unsuccessful purchase of new chairs via the internet. An alternative supplier would be needed and help in identifying a suitable company was sought.

9.  Gardening


  • David confirmed that Pat had managed to get the mower repaired and therefore purchasing a new mower was not required at this stage.
  • The next working party was scheduled for Sunday 2 December and an email will need to be sent to members encouraging them to attend that morning to assist .
  • Pat had unfortunately had a bad fall whilst undertaking some hedge trimming at the club. She had broken her collar bone & fractured her leg. David said he would liaise with her on what activities needed to be arranged whilst she was out of action. The committee wish her a speedy recovery and Magdalen confirmed that she had already sent a card & flowers to Pat on behalf of the club. It was agreed that the clubs insurance cover for such accidents needed to be clarified with Julie who has the policy details and also that a separate item on Health & Safety issues should be included on future meeting agendas.


10.  Publicity


  - No isssues to report

  11.  Website

- No issues to report.


12.  Social Events

  • It was noted that several events held this summer had been poorly supported in particular the pre Wimbledon fun day and the September 1st family fun day It was not clear whether this was due to the hot weather, conflicting family commitments or a lack of interest in the specific events. There was a discussion on the future approach to be taken when advertising social events and it was agreed that members will be informed of the proposed event and asked to confirm whether they will be attending. If insufficient numbers express an interest then the event will be cancelled and members informed accordingly.


3. Any Other Business


- Arrangements for Membership Subscription Payments – Ian informed the meeting that he was keen to simplify the process & ideally enable electronic payment transfer in the future. He will liaise with Peter Bibb  to ascertain what improvements can be made.

- Minimum Standards email from LTA – it was agreed to check with Nick that the club continues to meet the standards stated.

- David referred to the recent problem with youngsters riding their bikes around the courts & possibly causing damage to the surface. It was agreed that this should be discouraged and the situation kept under review. If the problem increased more preventative action will need to be considered.


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 7 November 2018 at 7.30pm

2020 Finals Winners



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