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Chipstead Place Lawn Tennis Club (CPLTC)

Committee Meeting Minutes

6 November 2019


In Attendance: David Pettitt, , Graham Moore, Peter Wade, Bradley Gold, Magdalen Fry, Shirley Christian, Pat Udall

  • Apologies for Absence


      Ian Hooper, Sarah Horton, Elliot Fox, Adam Reavely

        2.  Minutes of September Meeting


  • Minutes approved.
  • Matters Arising from September Meeting


-  Committee Membership - it was agreed that Andy Maiklem would be co-opted onto the committee with immediate effect following her agreement to undertake the co-ordinating role with the LTA for the club.


4. Policies, Safeguarding & Diversity Issues –


- It was  confirmed that policies  would be forwarded to Peter Bibb for uploading onto the website.

- Check that coaches have been DBS cleared  - David to check with Adam.

- Adam to review First Aid kit to ensure fit for purpose.


5. Membership Update - Ian

     - Ian circulated membership numbers ahead of the meeting,  227 members have      now paid their subscriptions which is marginally down on 2018.


6.  Finance Update - Bradley

  • The Club has been reimbursed £1042 by the water company. Water useage will be kept under review with next official meter reading due in March.
  • Club has also had £474 returned for overpayment of electricity useage. In addition the standing order has been reduced from £70 to £50 per month.
  • Insurance has already been paid for the year but this will be reviewed in 2020 to ensure the coverage plus cost meets our needs.


7. Coaching - Adam


No issues raised

8.  Maintenance - Peter.

  • Power washing the courts –All courts have been cleaned
  • Plumbing work - now completed with much improved water pressure & a new outside tap. Cost only £170
  • Path Lighting – Options for improving the lighting along the access path to the club were discussed. To avoid any problems with neighbours fences it was agreed to run a power cable along the length of the path, buried in a trench connecting to lights mounted on secure posts. The first task was to dig the trench then agree an installation date.


9.  Gardening


  • Confirmed winter working party will be held on Sunday 1 December starting 9am. Action - David will forward an invite to attend the working party to Shirley who will circulate to all members via email. DONE

10.  Website

- No issues to report.


12.  Social Events -  Magdalen

  - Club Dinner 29 November -  Menu for the meal at the Bricklayers Arms circulated by Magdalen ahead of the meeting was agreed

    ACTION  – Shirley to email members with menu details etc to enable reservations to be made.  DONE

   -  Xmas Drink at the Bricklayers Arms on Friday 6 December confirmed. Action Shirley to email members


13.  Health and Safety


- David ,as agreed, had produced 2 posters for display on the club notice boards

- All existing fire extinguishers will be checked and replaced if out of date.


14.  Any Other Business


- Poster for Kitchen – In order to keep the kitchen area tidy David agreed to produce a poster requesting that any used items from the kitchen are washed, dried & put away by the users.  DONE

- Dates for 2020–To be agreed at January meeting & displayed on Club notice board.


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 8 January 2020 at 7.30pm

Meeting to discuss - proposals for AGM, Arrangements for Quiz on Friday 17 January

2020 Finals Winners



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