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Chipstead Place Lawn Tennis Club (CPLTC)

Committee Meeting Minutes

8January 2020

In AttendanceDavid PettittIan Hooper, Graham MoorePeter Wade, Bradley Gold, Magdalen Fry,Pat Udall, Andy Maiklem

  1. Apologies for Absence

          Sarah HortonElliot Fox, Adam Reavely, Shirley Christian

        2.  Minutes of November Meeting& Matters arising

  • Minutes approved.
  • Quiz 17 January -  agreed an email needed to be sent to members reminding them of the event.(DONE)  Committee members to inform Magdalen of their teams. Quiz will start at 7.30 prompt so those attending should arrive between 7 & 7.30
  • Dates for 2020 – the provisional list circulated ahead of the meeting was agreed subject to some minor amendments .One major change is that the club finals day will be moved from early July until Sunday 6 September. Several members had said they were unable to enter the competition because the later stages clashed with their summer holidays.  This change should overcome this problem. 

  1. Planning for AGM -  Date confirmed as Thursday 26 March at 7.30pm

  - Documents required  which are to be sent to Peter Bibb for inclusion on club website are shown below

  Chairs Report (David to produce)

  Accounts for 2019  - Bradley to prepare & arrange for them to be audited. Bradley said that,subject to the proposed subscription rates being agreed at the AGM ,the clubs income should ensure that it can meet its short to medium expenditure projections.

   Subscriptions (Ian to finalise) Ian circulated a document which showed  the membership breakdown for 2019compared with 2018  plus current subscription level per catergorycompared with neighbouring clubs.Membership in 2019 was 227 compared with 236 in 2018 (3.8% down) whilst membership revenue had only fallen by 1.3%. With the exception of a few tweaks there has not been a increase in subscriptions since 2014..Bradley pointed out that in order to maintain a sufficient annual profit level to enable future key court maintenance work in particular repainting / resurfacing  a small increase in subscriptions should be considered. Following  discussion it was agreed that Senior membership should be increased by £5 (from £135 to £140) , Family rates to also increase in line ie by £10.Country rate to increase by £5. No change to the rate for juniors.

-  Committee Membership -Following Elliots decision to stand down as Juniors representative plus Sarah’s ongoing ill health . replacements would be needed for the 2 positions. In addition formal agreement at AGM to be sort for Andy who is undertaking the LTA liaison role.

- Agenda for AGM plus minutes of 2019 AGM – Graham to forward to Peter Bibb for uploading to the clubs website.

4.Policies,Safeguarding & Diversity Issues 

Magdalen informed the meeting that she had successfully renewed her enhanced DBS plus her level 2 Safeguarding training.

- David undertook to contact Adam to provide the names of all coaches using the club plus confirmation that they had been DBS checked .

5Membership Update - Ian

     -Covered above 

6.Finance Update - Bradley

 - The Covered above 

7.Coaching - Adam

Due to his absence Adam sent an email ie

- He will confirm date for Junior Finals day asap.

- He has again entered the Juniors into the 2020 road to Wimbledon competition.

- As the Saturday morning classes will be at the Sennock Indoor Centre this term he will only need the outside courts at the club between 12 & 13.30

8.  Maintenance - Peter.

  •  Court Lightingian asked whether there was an easy way to improve the lighting on court 1. Peter pointed out that the best solution would be to replace the existing bulbs on all courts with LED  but it was agreed this was not financially viable for the club at this stage given that the likely cost would be around £16K


  • Given only 2 non committee members attended the  working party held in December it was agreed that a more robust advertising approach needs to be considered for the future.. In addition every effort should be made to avoid  club matches being arranged for that morning .

  • 10Website

No issues to report

12.  Social Events -  Magdalen

 Covered above 


13.  Health and Safety

No issues raised ,

14.  Any Other Business

Andy had received information  from LTA concerning changes to the age groupingsfor competitions which would be referred to Adam for action.

- Andy had received received  information  from LTA  on an over 35’s competition which she will circulate once info had been digested.

- Pat confirmed that a replacement notice was required in the Club House stating the cost for court lighting and how to purchase the lighting tokens

Date of Next Meeting

- AGM – Thursday 26 March at 7.30

  Committee Meeting Wednesda10 June at 7.30pm

2020 Finals Winners



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