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Chipstead PLace Lawn Tennis Club

Terms and Conditions of Membership


Parental/Guardian declaration (if child it less than 16 years of age):

By signing up to membership of Chipstead Place Lawn Tennis Club, I agree for the junior or infant to take part in the general activities of the club.  The child has agreed to follow the junior rules of the club, and I agree to accept the code of conduct for parents.

To my knowledge, the child has no special care needs, dietary requirements, allergies or medical conditions that could affect their safety at the club, other than those provided under separate cover to the Membership Secretary.  I understand the in the event of any injury, illness or other medical need, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with the situation appropriately.


I understand that I must inform the club of any changes to the information provided on this form. 


2020 Finals Winners



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